San Juan Bautista II

Ishinomaki City
Miyagi Prefecture, JAPAN


Ishinomaki City


Length(Overall): 55.35m(181.5ft)
Length(Hull): 47.10m(154.5ft)
Length(by Rule): 34.28m(112.4ft)
Length(Keel): 26.06m( 85.5ft)
Length of foremast: 28.05m( 92.0ft)
Length of mainmast: 32.43m(106.3ft)
Length of mizzenmast: 18.19m( 59.6ft)
Height: 48.80m(160.1ft) --Keel Bottom to top of mainmast--
Breadth(Overall): 11.09m( 36.3ft)
Breadth(Moulded): 10.91m( 35.7ft)
Depth(Moulded): 4.55m( 14.9ft)
Draft(Moulded): 3.80m( 12.4ft)

General Information

In 1613, the galleon, San Juan Bautista, set sail from the port of Tukinoura in Miyagi Prefecture carrying a delegation bound for Europe. Under the command of Sendai Daimyo, Date Masamune, the vessel hosted some 20 retainers, including Hasekura Tsunenaga, some 40 Europeans, and others. In all, there were about 180 passengers.
This departure was just prior to Japan's period of national isolation and it took place in a time of active contact with the West. While the mission may have lacked any specific goals, it was a chance for Japan, which had limited shipbuilding and navigational skills, to share dreams with countries across the seas.
October 1993 marked the 380th anniversary of the Sant Juan Bautista's departure from Tsukinoura Bay in Ishinomaki City. To commemorate this special event the citizens of Miyagi Prefecture had the ship restored.
The reconstruction of the galleon was based on specifications inferred from old drawings and documents found in the Borgedde Museum.


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