Winsock Programmer's FAQ
Section 5.6: Other FAQs

There are several other FAQs I think you will find helpful:

  • The comp.os.programmer.win32 API FAQ has an Internet Programming section you should check out.
  • PCAUSA has several FAQs related to the layers below Winsock: TDI and NDIS.
  • Thamer Al-Herbish has a FAQ about Raw IP Networking on Unixlike platforms. True, it does not cover Winsock, but it is often easier to give Windows a miss if you want to build an application reqiring raw socket I/O.
  • There is a close relation to the Winsock Programmer's FAQ that you may want to take a look at: the Unix Socket FAQ.
  • The TCP/IP FAQ is useful for Winsockers, though when it dips into programming issues it maintains a Unix sockets viewpoint.

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