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This institute was established in 1995.
The music and thought of Wilhelm Furtwaengler are the key when we think of the
meanings of music and life. The Wilhelm Furtwaengler Institute Tokyo has held lectures
and concerts etc. to cultivate understanding of his message.

Takeo Noguchi, Representative


anime086.gif Furtwaengler Fest Tokyo 2007
The event was held on 21, 23 and 24 March at the Hongo Central Charch in Tokyo

anime086.gif Symphony No.3 was performed in Japan (premier)
Furtwaengler Institute Philharmonic Orchestra Tokyo (cond. Takeo Noguchi) performed
on 27 Aug. 2006 Furtwaengler's Symphony No.3 (1-4 mov) for the first time in Japan.


Furtwaengler Fest Tokyo 2004
The Furtwaengler 50th Memorial Concerts organized by the Wilhelm Furtwaengler Institute Tokyo
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