A Gateway Across The Pacific

While I am writing a letter to my friend living over the Pacific,
Belle, my cat, is chasing a moth.

Rinzo Shimizu

I enter in to find the sun on the horizon
Yet he talks from where the sun rises.

R. H. Peat

But the sun neither rises nor sets
It exists in a vortex where everything fuses into a seamless whole


Flutter of fire in a cranial sky
A glimmer on the river of darkened candles.

Michael Smith

So I couldn't eat turtle soup any more.
I got out the restaurant, 'Ivory Coast'.

Atsusuke Tanaka

Sometimes this letter is difficult, sometimes it seems we have no common ground, or sky,
but we do have oceans and words and oceans of words.

Heather Hutcheson

There were rolls and rolls of film
all undeveloped, light-struck.

Jane Blue

a certain pleasurable perplexity drew
his lips dancingly across his face

Christopher Heinzinger

breath circles in October air
yellow leaves spin and drift

Layne Russell

Everyone feared the coming of the darkness, the coming of the age,
silence gropping for sunlight

Rose Talbert

Death Likes His Coffee Black
Death sipped silently as he studied his next victim.

Jackie Joice

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