Winsock Programmer's FAQ
Section 5.3: Samples: Useful Code

This page links to various bits of useful code. Some of these items are just utility functions or classes, while others are complete programs that happen to have available source code. The complete programs were picked because they are fairly simple, so they should be relatively easy to learn from and modify.

  • This FAQ's main examples section has several useful programs that you might find helpful.
  • Stardust Technologies has made several fairly advanced samples available. I tried listing them all here, but the list had to be updated too often. Go check it out. :)
  • Felix Kasza has a page with many Win32 samples on it, nicely organized into categories. In the Network category, there are a few dozen items on the Net*() API functions, and there's an item on I/O completion ports. The author wrote the latter item because he found the Platform SDK example less than helpful.
  • Spencer Low has a page that focuses on programming Unix sockets. There's a section of it that is useful to Winsock programmers: the Sample Source code.
  • Donald C. Asonye has a collection of small Winsock programs online. They include a full-featured pinger, a "finger" client and a small FTP client.
  • An earlier version of WS_FTP is available with complete source code. The code is said to be quite synchronous, and you'll have to extract the FTP code from the UI code, but it may prove useful to you.
  • Timothy Eyre has a program on his site that uses the IP Helper API to list all kinds of info about the system's network interfaces.
  • Craig Spannring has a number of different programs written in Ada that show how to use various parts of the IP Helper API. If you can read Pascal, you can probably make some sense of this code. The package comes with executables, so you can run the programs to see what they do as you study the code.
  • Craig Morrison has made available code for an SMTP email server and a a customizable DNS lookup library.
  • Dave Cole has made a fairly-complete telnet program available for free. Be careful about the license, though: it's GPL'd, so you can't include any of dtelnet's code in your own program without making your program free as well.

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