Winsock Programmer's FAQ
Section 5.2: Samples: Tutorial Code

Complete Winsock Tutorials

  • Jim Frost's "Windows Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer" is a short introduction to programming Winsock. There is also a complementary Unix version of that tutorial at the same site.
  • The Vijay Mukhi Computer Institute offers a Winsock tutorial. My main gripes are that the English is a little broken, and the code uses variables like "k" and functions with names like "abc."

Small Educational Programs

  • The FAQ's basic examples section has several programs that illustrate the various strategies for accessing Winsock. The samples are structured similarly when practical, to make it easy to see the essential elements that differ when you move from one Winsock I/O strategy to another. The explanations above each program may also prove helpful to those just learning Winsock, though it'd be a stretch to call these "tutorials".

Sample Code from Winsock Books

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