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■_ Ada

Verified Robot Control Software | Projects | Academia | AdaCore

Verified Robot Control Software | Projects | Academia | AdaCore

Ada is a perfect choice for the development of robot control software, where the programming challenges of
embedded, real-time and distributed systems occur all at once. Depending on the context, we rely on different
features of Ada and use different AdaCore tools.

すげー>「perfect choice」

■_ tkd

tdk じゃなかった Tkd - Cross platform GUI toolkit based on Tcl/Tk - D Programming Language Discussion

Tkd - Cross platform GUI toolkit based on Tcl/Tk - D Programming Language Discussion


Tkd is a fully cross-platform GUI toolkit based on Tcl/Tk[1]. Tkd 
allows you to build GUI applications easily and with the 
knowledge of a consistent, native look and feel on every platform.

Why Tcl/Tk?

Tkd development was initiated based on the performance and uptake 
of the Tkinter[2] toolkit distributed as a standard part of the 
Python[3] programming language. Tkinter allows developers easy 
access to GUI programming with very little learning. Being the de 
facto GUI toolkit of Python has introduced more developers to GUI 
application programming and increased the popularity of the 
language as a whole. Tkd is an attempt to provide D with the same 

Tk 意外に生き延びそう?



Babel Programming Language

Babel is a general-purpose programming language that has been designed from the ground up for the future of
computing. What is the future of computing?

    International - the Internet has spread computing to every corner of the globe. Babel natively supports
    UTF-8, allowing non-English speakers to write Babel code with the same ease as English speakers.

    Cross-platform - Babel can run on any platform with a compiler that supports the C99 standard.

    Mobile - the Babel core is tiny, less than 200KB, and can run in as little as 256KB of RAM. Babel is a
    high-performance language, reducing power consumption. Babel also has built-in support for memory and file





■_ ゴンベルツ

SEA SPIN meeting reports and related links にある資料(pdf)が結構面白くて、とくに岸田さんのはオススメだと思う。 んで、 第48回 ソフトウェアテストと品質保証(テストノウハウとSQAの役割)の配付資料を読むとですね、 「ゴンベルツ」(ゴンペルツではない)は2004年時点からさかのぼること15年くらい前から 日立で使われるように云々てな記述がありまして。 計算すると1980年代末から90年代初頭? なんかずいぶん最近な気もするなあ。


C functions that should be avoided (part 3) - scanf : programming ここで取りあげられてる時点ですでに part3だった。 part3 では scanfをやり玉に挙げて(redditでは使い方が~という突っ込みあり) るのだけど

C functions that should be avoided (part 3) - scanf — Ramblings

This is the third post on functions that should be avoided. I covered other functions in previous posts:

    Part 1 - atoi and gets
    Part 2 - strncpy

妥当といえば妥当か。 strncpy については微妙な部分もあるのだけど、

C functions that should be avoided (part 2) - strncpy — Ramblings

C11 provides new, safer, library functions called strcpy_s[3] and strncpy_s[4] as part of its optional runtime
bounds checking interfaces (Annex K). However, these functions are not currently widely implemented so I will
not cover them here.





今回の特集はなかなかよさそう。 歴史群像 2014年 06月号 [雑誌]
歴史群像 2014年 06月号 [雑誌]

iTunes で買ってひたすらリピートして聴いているのだけど 歌詞が聴き取りにくいところがあるのでCDも…と思ったらまだこっちは発売前だったのかー シドニア



Richard Stallman Answers Your Questions - Slashdot

RMS: I certainly do not! A cell phone is Stalin's dream:

RMS: When you say "free hardware" I think you mean hardware whose specs are known, so we can develop
free software to run it. I call that "documented hardware". When I say "free hardware", it
means to transpose the concept of free software to hardware.

RMS: I don't see the future, so I can't tell you what will happen.

RMS: The most important missing programs are firmware for various peripheral devices, to replace the "binary
blobs" found in the vanilla versions of Linux.

RMS: In an ideal world, there would be no nonfree software. I think it is possible to get pretty close to that.

Copyright © 2014 Dice. All Rights Reserved. Slashdot is a Dice Holdings, Inc. service

documented hardware ねえ。





鯉のぼり。 端午の節句過ぎたらとっとと片付けろ。 とかいうのはないんでしょか。


■_ 某所で








■_ GNU grep


grep.git - grep

Commit message (Expand)	Author	Files	Lines
dfa: minor simplificationHEADmaster	Paul Eggert	1	-2/+2
grep: simplify and fix problems with KWset-DFA agreement patch	Paul Eggert	2	-69/+60
tests: improve coverage for prefix-of-multibyte	Paul Eggert	1	-4/+9
grep: make KWset and DFA agree about invalid sequences in patterns	Norihiro Tanaka	5	-61/+78
maint: make ChangeLog generation more robust	Jim Meyering	1	-4/+7
grep: clarify EGexecute slightly	Paul Eggert	1	-3/+3
grep: fix the bug in previous patch.	Norihiro Tanaka	1	-2/+2
grep: simplify EGexecute further	Paul Eggert	3	-76/+47
grep: adjust timing back to kwset when dfaisfast is true	Norihiro Tanaka	1	-1/+29
grep: simplify superset	Norihiro Tanaka	3	-76/+69
dfa: optimize memory allocation	Norihiro Tanaka	1	-12/+16
kwset: improve performance by inlining tr	Norihiro Tanaka	1	-1/+1
gnulib: update to latest	Jim Meyering	1	-0/+0



書泉にもポイントカードができたのは知ってたけど (アニメイトと共通)、高岡書店でも始めてたのにはびっくりした。


■_ Nimrod

ちょっと気になる。 Nimrod for C programmers · Araq/Nimrod Wiki

Nimrod for C programmers · Araq/Nimrod Wiki

This is a guide for people with experience in C or a similar language. The guide assumes some intermediate
knowledge, for instance of how stacks and heaps works. 





アキバ系!電脳空間カウボーイズZ: 第三百七十六回 アキバパトロール2014春  冒頭からさらっと大変なこといってるような

放送大学。 GWのせいか今日の記号論理学はお休みだったっぽい。 助かった(なにが


こういう話は大好物です The bug that hides from breakpoints

The bug that hides from breakpoints

This is the story of the most difficult bug I ever had to solve. See if you can figure it out before the conclusion.


For some years now, I’ve worked on a kernel for Texas Instruments calculators called KnightOS. This kernel is
written entirely in assembly, and targets the old-school z80 processor from back in 1976. This classic processor
was built without any concept of protection rings. It’s an 8-bit processor, with 150-some instructions and (in
this application) 32K of RAM and 32K of Flash. This stuff is so old, I ended up writing most of the KnightOS
toolchain from scratch rather than try to get archaic assemblers and compilers running on modern systems.

When you’re working in an enviornment like this, there’s no seperation between kernel and userland. All
“userspace” programs run as root, and crashing the entire system is a simple task. All the memory my kernel
sets aside for the process table, or memory ownership, file handles, stacks, any other executing process - any
program can modify this freely. Of course, we have to rely on the userland to play nice, and it usually does.
But when there are bugs, they can be a real pain in the ass to hunt down.

The elusive bug

The debugging described by this blog post took approximately three weeks.



Letter to an aspiring developer | The Daily Flux しばらく aspirin developer と勘違いしてて、 いったいなんのことだろうと(ry

Letter to an aspiring developer | The Daily Flux

Nearly 18 months ago, a person emailed me out of the blue asking for advice on breaking into software development.

He was full-time student, trying to start a career in software development, but was paralyzed with worry of
making the wrong choice.

My response was applicable, I think, to anyone trying to get into software, and I’m going to leave it largely

I want to offer some thoughts based on what I see as main themes:





調べる 「仕分け名人V2」 不具合によるデータ消失の可能性について お詫びとお知らせ - 重要なお知らせ | コニカミノルタ これをうけて、同様の不具合が自社製品にないか調べなさいというお達しが来たんですが 例によって「ない」ことを示すにはどうすればという話が(ry

調べるつながりで How to Prevent the next Heartbleed


これもBASIC 50周年にあわせての記事なんだろうか How Steve Wozniak Wrote BASIC for the Original Apple From Scratch と思ったら頭に書いてあった

How Steve Wozniak Wrote BASIC for the Original Apple From Scratch

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of BASIC, Steve Wozniak has written some memories about his first experiences
with this popular language—and how he created his own BASIC from scratch for the Apple I and Apple II computers.
An incredible feat. Enjoy!—JD

Woz のこのBASIC のソースコードって公開されたんだっけ? Apple DOS だけだっか


BASIC 関連色々 1964年(昭和39年)5月1日は、プログラミング言語BASICが世界で初めて命令の実行に成功した日。そのBASICが誕生から50年目に。 : SIerブログ BASIC誕生から50年 | スラッシュドット・ジャパン デベロッパー BASIC celebrates its 50th anniversary | bit-tech.net Remembering BASIC on its 50th birthday The Golden Age of Basic - IEEE Spectrum

最後の奴、 What were some of your 8-bit Basic war stories? Let us know in the comments below! ということでコメント欄に色々






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