The Tokyo Consultant for Civil Movements: the Administrative Lawyer's Office of Masaki Inaba
updated: Jan.30, 2002

A Govenmental Hate Crime:
Afghani Asylum Seekers Have Been Persecuted by
Japanese Immigration Authorities

This homepage was established to accuse a governmental crime
which has been committed by Japanese Government.
Many Afghani refugees who belong to ethnic minorities, like Hazara people,
has been escaping their country through civil war, massacre, and tortures.
And some of them, estimated about one hundred, finally arrived in Japan until this October.
But Japan has not expressed its will to welcome them.
Rejection of getting refugee status, forceful detention,  and long long courtcase:
Afghani asylum seekers have been challenged by the Japanese refugee policy
which means exclusion of asylum-seekers.
"Japanese Government is as bad as Taliban Regime in the way it treats against us"
They blame both the Japanese policies to exclude refugees and
Japanese people who don't want to change the governmental policy for refugees.
Dear all the visitors of this homepage,
please tell the information about the problem to your friends as much as possible.
If we share the information,
we will be able to have enough power to change the Japanese policy for refugees.
We have a responsibility to change it
and grant Afghan ethnic minority asylum-seekers into our country, Japan.
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Reports and Appeals
about Afghan Asylum-Seekers in Japan
English) Japan's Afghani Refugees : Help Should Begin at Home
by The Japan Observer Staff(Renewal Version)
2. (English) Afghan Refugees: 
A Diversity of Historical, Ethnic, and Social Backgrounds(Written in Oct.18, 2001)
3.URGENT! Five Afghani asylum Seekers have been released 
from the Tokyo Immigration Detention Center. 
However, four other Afghanis remain in detention.(written on Nov.6, 2001)
4. An Appeal for the World Social Forum, Jan.31-Feb.5 in Porto Alegre, Brazil
AND GRANT THEM AS REFUGEES (written on Jan.28, 2002)
5. (German) Afghanische Fluchtlinge in Japan landen im Gefangnis
NACHRICHTEN Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2001
Articles about Afghan
Asylum-Seekers in Japan(from Nov. 26, 2001-)
updated on Jan. 30, 2001

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